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Adapting to a Pandemic

There are many operational challenges that have arisen for business in the last few months as we all adapt to life in a pandemic. One of the challenges is the move to more online sales and limits on doing business in person. For a small business this can be particularly challenging. Some locations are requiring appointment only shopping, curbside pickup, or other options that enable businesses to keep customers at arms length. This introduces new communication and logistical challenges. We can assist in solving these problems using a variety of tools tailored to the needs of your business. This includes updating your website to allow online appointment scheduling, text and email reminders to help customers keep their appointments straight and […]

Infinite Review

Infinite Review is a fast, easy way to get detailed analysis and guidance on how to improve your site or app. 30 Ideas 30 recommendations to make your site or app better. 1 Month We will complete our analysis and deliver results in 1 month. $8,000 The Infinite User Experience Review is quick, affordable, effective, and a great value. What we do We gather information about your site or app. We perform a detailed analysis and create recommendations with written explanations, screen shots, and clear steps forward We include both big picture guidance and detailed fixes in your report How to Get Started To get started we need a little information from you. This helps us understand what you want […]

Infinite CTO – Experienced leadership that fits your organization

As a part of our efforts to make it easier to understand how we support our clients we’ve introduced a new service, Infinite CTO. Many small to medium sized businesses aren’t ready to pay for a full time CTO to guide their IT efforts, but they still need someone to work with vendors, provide strategy and guidance, and perform the role of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). We do a lot more than just build web applications and sites. We work with many of our clients on their technology strategies and act as a trusted partner in making technology related decisions for their organization. Infinite CTO is perfect for organizations that need support and guidance on technology choices and implementation, […]

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