Technology Top 3

Veerle brought up the topic of a wishlist for gadgets and gizmos. So I got to thinking about what new things I want the most.

1. A Tablet PC with all the trimmings
I want to get one with the bulletproof glass, the lightning quick processor, piles of ports, the detachable, rotatable keyboard, built in 802.11 and Bluetooth, a clot loading CD-RW / DVD-R drive and a nice big, thin widescreen (not one of those 10″ deals).

2. A Cell Phone/PDA combo
I want a Cell phone with a big screen, a clamshell design that opens two ways, a QWERTY keyboard, 802.11 and Bluetooth (so it plays nice with my new Tablet), easy to use menus, a huge hard drive or memory card and a really good media player, and software to sync up my e-mail anytime and anywhere. Forget the camera phone, those are silly.

3. An enormous HDTV
That doubles as a monitor for my computer. High resolution, thin form factor and big enough that I feel it when Jiri Fisher checks people into the boards.

Actually, I hope to have all of these in the next year or two if prices keep falling and I can save up a bit of money. I suppose that shows where my priorities are, but I figure if I’m going to spend all day using computers and cell phones and PDAs they should be good ones that do exactly what I want them to do.

What’s your wish list?

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