Trimming Pages

I’m currently redesigning the Hallmac RV Rentals site. It is being moved from an old school tabled layout to a new CSS and XHTML compliant design. After a few initial frustrations fighting CSS bugs in browsers to get the layout working I’ve discovered a new joy in converting the site.

As I transfer the pages over to the new design I get to strip out tons of font and table tags. It’s great to look at the code disappear and yet still see that page looking great thanks to the attached style sheet. My code is so much cleaner and easier to work with, and as a bonus the page sizes are shrinking rapidly. It’s really quite satisfying in a very techie kind of way.

I’d also like to point out that IE is not the only browser with CSS rendering bugs. I spent a while fighting some very odd problems with div heights in FireFox, though it is still the best to date at not screwing up CSS layouts. I look forward to the day when we see some real standards compliance in the browsers, but I fear it is still some time off.

Kevin Hall
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