Deep Linking

Deep linking to pages within a web site is a contentious issue. A common position, and the one I hold, is that any information you put on a public web site is open and can be linked to freely(this does not include hot linking, which is just stealing of content and bandwidth). In fact deep linking to a site is often better than linking to the home page. Try telling someone about a story on a large news site like without sending them the link to find it. They can go to the homepage and search for it but it will take far longer. It also means that your pages will be ranked higher in search engines. If there […]

Thinking In CSS

As I move further and further into using CSS to lay out my web pages I have found that it requires a shift in my mental model of a web page. I am moving to a semantic system for labeling sections of a page so that my CSS is easier to update and change over time. This means labeling things not by how they look but by what they are. So instead of ‘Red Arrow’ I use the label ‘Page Indicator’ which is less constricting if I don’t want to use a red arrow to mark pages in the future and more meaningful for anyone else (including my future self) who reads the code. My design process is also evolving […]