Google GShares?

There was an excellent suggestion made at zlog regarding the oft rumored Google IPO. In keeping with Google’s proud tradition of doing really cool new things that are in line with their founding ideals I am completely behind this model of investment without a say in where your money goes.

Fact is, I think this could catch on if people would realize that shareholders are often a company’s worst enemy. They are short sighted and greedy and often act contrary to a company’s long term well being and prosperity. So by investing and not getting a say in matters the company gets the capital it needs to thrive, you get money back, and shareholders can’t force stupid ideas on the company in hopes of short term payoffs.

My biggest concern with a Google IPO is seeing a bunch of share holders destroying the ideals that have made Google both useful and one of the few organizations I truly admire. I hope that Google has the guts to try something like this so that they can continue expanding without the interference from share holders that ruins so many other publicly traded companies.

Kevin Hall
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