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I’ve updated the list of Blogs I Like in the sidebar using Collison’s fine tickmark technique to help you pick out which ones you still haven’t visited. I want to acknowledge his ingenuity and encourage you to visit the sites I’ve linked to. These are sites where I’ve consistently found great insights, great design, and an openness and willingness to share ideas and knowledge about good design.

One of my goals in creating this weblog and this site is to educate people about web standards, usability, and good design. I am not the only person who is dedicated to these ideas and I think that it is important to get a variety of perspectives on these issues. Visit these sites and read what they have to say with and open and critical mind. Some of them may be viewed as my ‘competition’, but I prefer to view them as peers who share the my passion for good design. None of what we talk about is should be secreted away, the more people who know about, understand, and apply the techniques we are discussing the better off everyone will be.

Kevin Hall
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