Do It The Pistons’ Way

The Detroit Pistons are the 2004 NBA Champions. They destroyed the L.A. Lakers in 5 games. And through it all they did it the “right way”. But what is the “right way” and what should it mean to you?

Doing things the right way means always working hard from start to finish. This means that you show up early and stay late and in between you never coast or give any less than your best effort at each moment.

Doing things the right way means being unselfish and being a team player. Share the recognition, revel in the accomplishments of your teammates, and work with others to accomplish your goals. A unselfish, dedicated group can accomplish great things when they work together.

Doing things the right way means not taking shortcuts toward your goal. Don’t settle for good enough, even if it will get you by. Make the extra effort and take the time to do things the best way you can each and every time, even if nobody else seems to care.

The Pistons showed us what doing things the right way can bring you, even when nobody else recognizes your hard work and dedication it can bring you great success and happiness in the end. This is true in basketball and it is true in the rest of our lives as well. Whatever it is you choose to do in life, take pride in your efforts and always do things the “right way”.

Kevin Hall
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