One of our responsibilities as professionals in the Information Age is to stand up and speak out when others are doing bad things that only we can understand. Most people don’t know or care about Digital Rights Management (DRM) the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) or other important issues that we are equipped to debate. They lack the time to learn about them and the technical knowledge to understand them in any but the most basic terms. Unfortunately, in many cases the people who make the laws regarding these issues are in the group that can’t understand them.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation works hard to make strong ethical and legal stands on important issues that affect not just techno-geeks but millions of everyday people who have no idea they are being affected until it is too late, and even then they don’t really understand how or why.

Go to their web site and register. Once you do you can read up on important issues and take action by writing to Congressmen and others involved. Don’t sit by while copyright is twisted and fair use is destroyed. Don’t sit by while reasonable expectations of privacy and due process are thrown away. Stand up, speak out, and fight for what is right.

Kevin Hall
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