Site Update: FCC

I’ve updated the Farmington Community Chorus website tonight to feature CSS rather than table and font tag based layout and styling. It turns out that by using the Dreamweaver templates and CSS I was able to make the change in about 20 minutes.

The previous version had the content placed in editable regions using Dreamweaver’s templates, this means that I was able to quickly update layout by changing the template file to link to the CSS file and removing the table tags I was using for the layout. I’m a big fan of templates since they allow for quick updates of common elements throughout a site.

Next, I was able to do a quick site wide Find on the font and b tags I had been using and stripped them out of the pages. The styling is now done using CSS which allows for quick site wide changes and smaller pages. Since I was applying the styling to the p tags and other existing elements I didn’t have to go in page by page to apply the styles.

The final step will be to go back and take care of some styling revisions and details and the site will be updated significantly with minimal effort. Not a big difference visually, but rather significant for accessibility and maintenance.

Kevin Hall
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