Work at Ford

I’ve started work at Ford in the Creative Design & Usability group. I’m working on ensuring a number of websites comply with the W3C Accessibility Guidelines (W3CAG). I’m going to try to post about my experiences without violating any NDAs that I’ve signed so please understand if I sometimes avoid getting too specific about my projects.

Anyhow, I’m also trying to follow up on the request for more information on process so I’ll try to kill two birds with one stone by describing the process I am currently putting together for testing web sites for compliance with the W3CAG. I’ll be posting a step by step process that will walk you through the relevant guidelines, the (mostly free) tools you can use to conduct the analysis, and the format for reporting the information to a developer if you aren’t making the changes yourself.

I should be completing these reports in the next day or two and I’ll try to get them up here so you can use them or discuss them. I’m pretty confident that since they simply discuss how to use the W3C guidelines and a bunch of widely available tools I can post it here without a problem.

If you have conducted a similar accessibility analysis in your work I’d certainly like to hear about how you went about it, what tools you used, what your process was, and what sort of results you had in the end.

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