Spread Firefox

You may notice a few new buttons have appeared on this site. They link to the site Spread Firefox. Firefox is quickly pushing itself to the front of the pack among web browsers and it is just now reaching version 1.0. It sets itself apart with included features such as tabbed browsing, download manager, RSS reader, and pop-up blocking in a compact download. Additionally it has the best available support among modern browsers for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Browsers such as Opera and Safari are also pushing ahead in these areas, leaving Internet Explorer languishing in it’s quirky, standards violating ways.

Typography and Democracy

Although I am not a typographer by trade I have a fair grasp of the basics and a professional curiosity that left me rather interested in the recent CBS News scandal. For details on the controversy surrounding a recent memo that was presented by Dan Rather as proof of President Bush’s Vietnam era service visit

sIFR – Typography for the Masses

I’ve started using the sIFR technique on the rest of this site and will be adding it to the weblog portion shortly. The scalable Inman Flash Replacement technique allows us to easily replace portions of the text on each page with a Flash movie. This allows me to display the text in whatever font I choose. For this site, I’m using Century Gothic. Visit Mike Davidson’s website to download the files and read about how to add sIFR to your site. This is a major breakthrough for designers who want a little bit more control of the typography on their site. sIFR degrades gracefully in browsers without a current version of the Flash plug-in installed or JavaScript enabled and meets […]

Information for Clients

I have added a few new pages to the Clients section of the site. The pages contain useful Information for Clients. I felt that it would be useful to educate clients in how to work with a designer effectively. We often hear designers complain about clients who drive them nuts. While there is no denying that clients often make requests with no grounding in reality at all, we can do more to educate them about what we do and how they can work with us to create great web sites.