Information for Clients

I have added a few new pages to the Clients section of the site. The pages contain useful Information for Clients. I felt that it would be useful to educate clients in how to work with a designer effectively.

We often hear designers complain about clients who drive them nuts. While there is no denying that clients often make requests with no grounding in reality at all, we can do more to educate them about what we do and how they can work with us to create great web sites.

We can explain the terms we take form granted in understandable ways. While we understand the differences between a score of browsers built in the last decade many people are still not clear on what a browser is. They may not know how to enter a URL into the address bar to go to a site. They may not know what a domain name is, or what HTML or CSS mean. These are not things we are born knowing and we should not scoff at them for their ignorance.

Ignorance of a subject is not the same as stupidity. Stupid clients we can do little for, but ignorant ones can become good business partners with a little effort on our part. I am sure that I would appear rather foolish if I was thrown into a lab at Pfizer or asked to wire an apartment building but I’m all for having medicine and electricity, so why should I look down on an doctor or electrician who wants a website but knows nothing about how they are built?

I plan to add more material and refine what is there and I welcome suggestions and questions about what I’ve written from designers and potential clients alike.

Kevin Hall
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