Spread Firefox

You may notice a few new buttons have appeared on this site. They link to the site Spread Firefox. Firefox is quickly pushing itself to the front of the pack among web browsers and it is just now reaching version 1.0. It sets itself apart with included features such as tabbed browsing, download manager, RSS reader, and pop-up blocking in a compact download. Additionally it has the best available support among modern browsers for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Browsers such as Opera and Safari are also pushing ahead in these areas, leaving Internet Explorer languishing in it’s quirky, standards violating ways.

It’s important to recognize the hard work of the hundreds of developers who have toiled at their computers to create a web browser that really supports web browsing as it can and should be. Their efforts are often overlooked, but this kind of software doesn’t just appear, and it is not being built by a large corporation. People all over the world have come together to create Firefox and now it is time to Spread the Word and get everyday users to download and use a better browser.

I expect that we will see the rapid development and maturation of Firefox continue past the release of version 1.0 as bugs are fixed, features are added or improved, and support for web standards continues to get even better. Firefox is available for download, along with other quality open source software, at Mozilla.org.

Kevin Hall
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