Making a Positive First Impression

There are some simple steps that will give people a positive first impression when they visit your website:

  1. Make the web site visually appealing
  2. Make access to relevant information quick and easy
  3. Present product information clearly to help customers make informed decisions
  4. Make buying your product / service and contacting your company as simple as possible

Visual Appeal

By making your website visually appealing, it gives the visitor the feeling that they are visiting a reputable site. This is a key to successful E-commerce because people will not purchase goods or services from a site they don’t trust. When you spend the time and money to make a web site look trustworthy it yields results in increased sales. This will give visitors the impression that your company is established and trustworthy. Visitors / potential customers have to believe that your company can actually provide the product or service you are offering on your website.

Access to Information

When visitors / potential customers get to your site they need to be able to access the information they are looking for as fast as possible. Whether they are trying to find prices, photos, descriptions, or products specifications this information has to be accessible quickly. If you don’t provide customers with the relevant information they want / need they will go to another web site to find it. Also, if your web site loads to slowly it will cause visitors / potential customers to leave your site. These are two common problems that can easily be fixed. By taking the time to examine what types of information your customers want before buying your product will help you determine what information to include in your site. This will also help you to cut out unnecessary information that may be bogging your site down causing it to load too slowly.

Quality over Quantity

By giving your customers the right information in the right format, you are helping them to make an informed decision. If you take away everything that you can, while leaving just enough to support making decisions you prevent potential customers from being overwhelmed. That doesn’t mean intentionally hiding information to deceive people into making the wrong decision. Presenting honest, objective information on products and services will build trust and respect with your customers.


By simplifying the number of steps to a sale you are more likely to increase the amount of online sales. You can refer to Kevin’s post reducing the steps to a sale for further information on that. Also, by giving the potential customer as many options as possible to contact your company you are making it simple for them to reach you. You should make your contact information easy to locate from anywhere in the web site. A visitor / potential customer should never have to search for your e-mail address or telephone number.

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