Reducing the Steps to a Sale

E-commerce sites that sell products or services online are regularly faced with a dilemma: collecting lots of information from customers we can target our marketing and sales better, but collecting that information creates a barrier to sales. Every extra form field adds a little bit to the already imposing psychological barriers to a sale in a potential customer’s mind. We are faced with balancing the need to gather information with the need to ease a customers path to completing a purchase.

Knowing Your Role in a Project

Most web design and development projects will feature many individuals trying to work together to create a web site. Some of the common roles of individuals involved on your project include: Business Stakeholder Content Creator Marketing Specialist Copywriter Web Designer Web Developer Graphic Designer Usability Specialist Information Architect One person may fill multiple roles on the project but there is often a team of people building the site working with a team of people who are experts in the site content and business. In order for the project to go smoothly everyone must contribute their expertise and support each other.