Internet Explorer 7 Update

Good news out of Redmond. Chris Wilson posted some new information on the IE Blog. Looks like they will be adding support for alpha transparency with PNG images. This will allow designers to layer images that are partially transparent in IE 7 like they can do in other modern browsers. Alpha transparency support will enable drop shadows, partially transparent gradients, and other effects to be used in more complex layouts and will allow background colors to change without reworking non-rectangular images. I think we’ll be seeing an explosion of creativity as the new browser gains widespread acceptance and we don’t have to worry about so many visitors seeing designs broken by incomplete PNG support.

The IE team is also working on some well documented CSS rendering bugs in current versions of Internet Explorer. This is great news, as the browsers support a single standard developers will be able to spend less time working around odd browser bugs and more time on making good designs. Kudos to the IE team for their work on the new browser. It sounds like they are heading in the right direction.

Kevin Hall
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