Analysis Paralysis

Balance is key to many (though not all) areas of life. Today we’re going to explore the need to find a healthy balance between analysis and action. Spending too much time and effort on either will lead to stagnation and failure. If all of your time is spent figuring out a better way to do things you’ll never actually get things done and if all of your effort goes toward action you will fail to improve and adapt how you do them.

Analysis Paralysis

It is natural to second guess decisions. It is normal to ask if there is a better way than the one you chose previously. However, it is easy for an individual or an organization to spend too much time asking “is it right” or “couldn’t we do this a little better”. I refer to this as Analysis Paralysis, because it’s kind of catchy and conveys the idea rather concisely.

It is good to improve. Being more efficient, productive, or effective in your work is a good thing and should be the goal of any professional. Just don’t spend so much time trying to achieve perfection tat you never get anything done.

Action Distraction

Okay, not quite as good as Analysis Paralysis but not a bad term. It is easy to get so caught up in doing something, anything, that we never ask about why we do it or why we do it the way we do. This can happen at any level from the CEO and Board of Directors to the janitor.

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