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Keith recently wrote about a really bad customer experience he had at I feel badly for him but it also got me thinking about how rarely I see rants about great customer experience online and I’d like to change that.

I am in the process of buying a house and I’ve had some really fantastic experience with the people that I’ve met. I want to make sure that they are recognized for going above and beyond to make sure my customer experience is as good as it could be.

The Realtor

Michael Baldwin was showing me some homes and I saw a sign for a house down the street that was For Sale By Owner, or FSBO as those in the know say. He was as helpful as could be in calling up the owners and arranging a viewing. Of course, this being my first day of looking for houses I had no idea that selling the house FSBO should be taken as a sign that working without a Realtor and their commission is preferred. Michael recognized the reticence on the part of the owners and offered to take himself out of the deal, despite having a signed agreement with the owners, in order to ensure that they accepted my offer. This was a classy move on his part, putting my interests ahead of his own. I absolutely recommend working with him if you are looking for a house in the Detroit area, he will treat you with respect and place your interests first. Leave a comment or contact me and I’ll put you in touch with him.

The Loan Officer

Matthew Firlik of Quicken Loans met with me after the kind folks at DFCU told me I was out of luck since I have a short full time work history (having received my M.S.I. last year from U of M). Matt looked at my earnings and state of employment and found a way to work with me. Instead of dismissing my case he sat with me for two hours and went over all of my options and found a loan that worked for me. He has been fantastic and now I’m just a couple of weeks away from closing on my dream home. Everyone I’ve spoken with at Quicken has been friendly and passionate about making sure my experience was positive.

The Hosting Company

After a terrible experience dealing with CI Host (they stink so no link) we decided to move one of our clients, CIMdata, to a new host. I tested a few of them out to see how they would respond to some simple requests about their servers. Dreamhost e-mailed me back with a brief reply about a day after I submitted the form on their website. Media Temple (mt) called me back at around 11pm, a few hours after I submitted the form and left me a voicemail with the support persons name and direct line. I spoke with him the next morning and he was extremely friendly and helpful.

I’ve had to call them a few more times since then and each person I’ve spoken with has been courteous, helpful, and absolutely open to talking me through whatever I needed. They didn’t discourage phone calls, e-mails, or any other form of communication I might prefer, they just tried their best to help and accommodate me. That’s good customer service and you may consider me an official fan of Media Temple.

Anyhow, I hope that my praise will encourage you to consider doing business with these companies and individuals and that your experience will be as great as mine was. I’m not affiliated with the companies described here and get nothing but personal satisfaction out of any business you do with them.

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  1. Hey…I still have your original tax info from the purchase. I just moved desks and realized that I forgot to return it. Thanks for the glaring review! My bankers got a kick out of it! Do you want me to mail the info or do you want to swin by and get it?

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