Words Don’t Suffice

The attacks on London today are another example of evil at work on our world. Our sympathies go out to everyone who has been hurt or killed and their loved ones. It’s a struggle to find strong enough words to describe the terrorists who would carry our such evil acts toward fellow human beings. I went through my library of curse words and can find none strong enough for individuals that evil and vile. “Evildoers” is too forgiving, they are not simply doing evil, they are in their hearts and souls so hopelessly beyond good that it is chilling to ponder for anyone with even a hint of compassion or goodness in them.

Londoners today are feeling the same pain already felt in New York, Madrid, Bali, Israel, Iraq and many others hit by the scourge of terrorism. I hope that this is the last time we will write words like these, but fear that many more may die before the entire civilized world can stamp out these evil individuals forever. Words may not suffice to comfort those most affected by the attack on London, but I hope that they know that good people everywhere support them and that they are in our thoughts.

UPDATE: I’m pleased to see that Britain’s bloggers such as Richard Rutter and Jeremy Keith are safe and sound and fiercely resolute in the face of the bombings. You have to admire the way the English maintain their composure and resolve in the face of this attack.

Kevin Hall
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