A Mature Approach to Your Web Site

“We build web sites”. That’s how I describe our business to people I meet and my Grandma. It’s simple, too simple really since that’s just scratching the surface of what we do. We guide our clients in how the use their web sites, we build the sites, and we educate them in how to make the web site an integral part of the business. We look at their business processes and explore how they use technology throughout the organization. We really work in the realm of information systems: how people, information, and technology interact. A web site on its own is really not very exciting. It’s how a web site conveys information to people or to other computer systems that […]

Reorder Applications in Windows Taskbar

(via Lifehacker) TrayIt! is a Windows application that allows you to minimize an application to your system tray (removing it from your taskbar) and restore it later. The beauty of this is that it finally allows the really obsessive compulsive among us to reorder applications in the taskbar by minimizing them to the system tray and restoring them in the order you want. This allows you to keep applications in just the order you like them… joy of nitpicky joys. (Seriously, having them out of order drives me nuts). Windows really should have quick drag and drop reordering in the taskbar but this is a decent workaround.

Tell the Truth Upfront

I had a terrible experience today with DIRECTV. I recently ordered a Phillips DIRECTV DVR with TiVo. On the website it described all of the wonderful features available and I had been happy with the service at my parents’ house where they use an old RCA UltimateTV. I have setup my new DVR and started using it only to find that the software is outdated and the hardware is crippled. The software is TiVo version 3.1, which would be fine if the current version of TiVo wasn’t 7. DIRECTV says on their website that they are rolling out upgrades to version 6.2 but they shipped me a new box without the upgrade, f’ing brilliant. They also failed to mention that […]