Macromedia and Adobe

Let’s try a little word association… Macromedia – pretty good software, responsive to customers, innovative web products, creative, good company, “gets” the web Adobe – stiff corporate culture, used to be a good software company, used to be innovative, used to be creative, “gets” print but not the web, used to be…

Geek Reading

Just a few links to sites that I’ve been enjoying lately. is a sort of blog advent calendar. It’s a collaborative effort by a number of talented designer / developers. There is a nice mix of topics and fresh content every day until Christmas. I’ve enjoyed the articles on Ajax and blockquotes. Check it out for yourself, there is a little something for everyone. Lifehacker is a blog full of tidbits that are of interest to the modern web geek. It’s got a number of contributors that post on topics such as being more productive, new software tools, fun web sites, and more. New content is posted throughout the day Monday through Friday and they seem to take the […]

Are Job Descriptions Bad For Business?

Job Descriptions can be useful tools during the hiring process. They help employers specify their needs and they help potential employees identify positions that they are qualified for. Without a clear description of the skills needed to do a job and the responsibilities associated with that job it would be nearly impossible to hire a qualified accountant, engineer, programmer, or sales associate. So what could possibly be bad about a Job Description? Job Descriptions limit people. They place barriers on the potential aspirations and actions an employee may take. Job Descriptions play a crucial role in the “not my job” syndrome, where employees don’t really care what happens around them as long as they don’t get blamed. Employers are often […]