Hating Life a Little Bit Less

PDF files are the bane of the web surfer. Often unmarked they stall your browsing for a virtual eternity while Adobe’s kludgy Reader fires up. In the meantime your browser freezes and sometimes crashes, your computer slows to a crawl, and you start to hate life. Well, I’ve found a way to hate life a little but less — the Free Foxit Reader (via Lifehacker). PDF files are still terrible for web users most of the time, but at least this makes them less of a hated annoyance when they are encountered.

QUICK TIPS: If you are responsible for posting PDF files to a web site please mark them clearly. Use an icon and indicate next to any PDF links both that it is a PDF file and the file size. For example, Our PDF Document (PDF, 1.25MB). This helps prevent visitors from clicking unknowingly on the large PDF file and getting stuck waiting. Better yet, turn it into an HTML document and ditch the PDF hooey. Not always possible, but certainly preferable.

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