Maintaining Relationships

The old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” is very applicable to the business world. That is why maintaining a good relationship with your customers is key to getting repeat and referral business. Older clients can be a gold mine, you just have to find a simple way to keep your company in the back of their mind. Then when the client does need more work done they won’t open the phonebook to find someone else to do it, they will just pick up the phone and call you up. Here are some easy ways to keep those older clients thinking of you:

  • monthly newsletters sent via E-mail
  • set them up with an RSS feed to your blog
  • every few months send out a small present to your main contact person at each company i.e. free sports tickets, restaurant gift certificate

A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your clients informed of what you are up to. By showcasing what you are doing with new clients you may peak the interest of some of your older clients and get them interested in the new things you have to offer. The downside of a monthly newsletter sent via E-mail is that it can be easily ignored, so you have to keep the content relevent and meaningful.

For your clients out there that are more tech savvy you can set them up with an RSS feed to your blog. This will allow them to easily and quickly keep up with what’s new. The only problem with this option is that many people do not know what an RSS feed is, much less how to use one. So it may be worthwhile to provide a monthly newsletter via E-mail and also an RSS feed from your blog.

The last option is more expensive, and should be used with more discretion. This may be one of the most effective methods since you create a large amount of goodwill by surprising an old client with even a small gift.

You never know when maintaining business relationships will pay off, if ever, but are you really willing to take risk of not doing it?

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