On January 25th on Woot.com you would have found a Pioneer 1000 watt 5.1 surround sound system.

Sounds of the Pioneers

Oh, give me a home theatre with 5.1 speakers… despite the name, you won’t find these Pioneers sitting around a campfire amid sagebrush and manure, unless you’ve got really eccentric taste in interior design. No, this 1000-watt surround-sound system is equally at home in urban, suburban, semi-urban, exurban, and rural settings – anywhere people crave lifelike theatre sound on a cramped budget, anywhere where home theatre owners have more enthusiasm than dollars.

If you are one of the few people left who hasn’t heard of woot.com then here is a little background. Woot.com is a basic website that sells one product each day at bargain basement prices. They have a limited quantity and they tend to sell out before i’ve had my morning coffee. A new product is posted each day at 12 am; which seems to be the busiest hour for woot.com. To me the best part of woot.com are the witty product descriptions. They are always amusing, well written, and sometimes down right hilarious. Which is partly why i return to woot.com every morning. The other reason being i am a complete electronics junky and am always looking for the next cool gizmo i have to buy even though i didn’t know it existed.

The reason why i am writing today about woot.com is simply how impressive they are compared to their competition. If you bother to take the time to check out www.onedealoneday.com you will find that they are currently on hiatus because they can’t find anything to sell. When you are a company that specializes in selling one thing each day and someone comes to your site and you don’t have anything for them to buy they are not coming back. It’s not rocket science.

Reliability is a trait that is vital to any e-commerce business. Woot.com is reliable. They consistently post a new product each night at midnight. They ship products on time. They correct mistakes quickly when they are made. They have a clear mission statement and convey to their customers exactly how they do business. They go as far as to give detailed statistics each day on how much money they made per hour, the percentage of products purchased each hour, and more . They do e-commerce the way it should be done.

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