DJs Don’t Dance

I was at The Bang! on Saturday and my friend Tom was talking about how some of the music just wasn’t danceable. He made one of the more profound comments I’ve heard in a while. The problem, he said, is that “DJs don’t dance”. Simple and true. DJs often play music that is hard to dance to. You’ve seen it when you’re out at a club and a new song comes on. Suddenly the dance floor clears out. A few people try to hang in there but the beat is so bad that their gyrations start to look more and more like a seizure. The song may be a great one. It may be the song everyone sings along with […]

Chase Nedrow Redesign

We’re pleased to announce that out first client, Chase Nedrow, has rolled out a brand new site. Gone are the tables of 2000. Replacing it is sleeker code, a refreshed design, and some up to date content. The site is still small, but it serves their online needs and that is the goal of any website large or small. We’re happy to have had the opportunity to work with them on this redesign.

Net Neutrality and Short Sightedness

Google’s Vincent Cerf testified before Congress on the issue of Net Neutrality. His testimony is well reasoned and insightful. It is available as a PDF file. I recommend that everyone read it and think long and hard about this issue. It affects everyone who uses the Internet. There is a push by companies that own networks to try to determine what content moves over that network. Mr. Cerf makes the argument against this quite eloquently so I won’t try to duplicate it. However, I would like to emphsize a few points that he doesn’t hammer home as much as I would like. When the network providers (the cable and phone companies) pick what Internet content flows across the network it […]