The Importance of Not Being Selfish

It’s hard to believe that in two weeks, my son will be a year old. My wife and I agree that becoming parents has caused us to take a hard look at ourselves. In doing so, negative traits (though I have few) usually have something to do with selfishness. You know, remembering what our mothers taught us is a great way to approach business. The way we wish to raise our children absolutely applies to how we conduct ourselves in the professional world. I recently attended a SixSigma, or Total Quality Management, training session in Santa Barbara, California. I learned about the continual process of improvement. During this time, I experienced a new awareness of just how important it is […]

Online Credit Card Processing….HELP!

I truly enjoy going through my bookmarks everyday and cycling through the few blogs that stay interesting day after day. I know that we don’t post as often as we should, but we are working on it and we could use your help. I have been researching merchant accounts for online credit card processing. This seems like a fairly simple task with the overwhelming number of companies out there specializing in this. Unfortunately, the sheer number of companies out there with poorly designed websites makes this research process rather tedious. So, I am asking for your help; the semi-loyal or even first time reader of our little blog. I need to find the most affordable online credit card processing solution […]

Freedom isn’t always fun

I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the years studying, debating, and working to understand the creation, distribution, and use of information. I strongly believe in the freedom of information. Freedom of speech, thought, and conscience are not just nifty ideas they are the foundations of a just society and a happy life. Information and knowledge yearn to be free. Ideas have a need to grow and spread or wither and die based on their validity and usefulness.