Online Credit Card Processing….HELP!

I truly enjoy going through my bookmarks everyday and cycling through the few blogs that stay interesting day after day. I know that we don’t post as often as we should, but we are working on it and we could use your help.

I have been researching merchant accounts for online credit card processing. This seems like a fairly simple task with the overwhelming number of companies out there specializing in this. Unfortunately, the sheer number of companies out there with poorly designed websites makes this research process rather tedious. So, I am asking for your help; the semi-loyal or even first time reader of our little blog. I need to find the most affordable online credit card processing solution that can be fully integrated into our websites seamlessly.

If you work for the company that can do this, or just know of one that can; we want to hear about it. If you just want to complain about online credit card processing we’ll listen to that too. But mostly we are hoping you, our valued reader, can starting pull your weight around here and contribute.

URL’s welcome. The results will be posted with a link to what we are using it for.

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One thought on “Online Credit Card Processing….HELP!

  1. Hello, My Name is Ruben Santino.

    I represent U S Merchant Services And Transfirst. I offer the best program available in the Credit Card Industry.

    The reason i can say this is that, first of all we have an AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau and we do this without locking you into any contract.

    In response to your inquiry, we have several solutions for online credit card processing and we can usually integrate with your current software or reccomend a solution.

    My contact info is
    (714) 827-7000 ext 224

    1 of our programs are direct cost from Visa and MC on all card types. We only make a profit on the front rate. We normally have No Set Up Fees and No Cancellation Fees.

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