The Importance of Not Being Selfish

It’s hard to believe that in two weeks, my son will be a year old. My wife and I agree that becoming parents has caused us to take a hard look at ourselves. In doing so, negative traits (though I have few) usually have something to do with selfishness. You know, remembering what our mothers taught us is a great way to approach business. The way we wish to raise our children absolutely applies to how we conduct ourselves in the professional world.

I recently attended a SixSigma, or Total Quality Management, training session in Santa Barbara, California. I learned about the continual process of improvement. During this time, I experienced a new awareness of just how important it is to truly understand what the customer wants, and then to give it to them as they expected and as you promised. It’s the whole “my word is my bond” thing, with a lot of controls and innovation thrown in.

Kevin Hall, the founder of Infinite Web Design, has for some reason (kidding) seen value in my proposition that we partner up our businesses as two small fish in the internet’s very big pond. After asking if he would join Infynite LLC and allow me to outsource work to his company, I was stunned when he casually said, “Sure, it sounds good to me.” We had just met over the phone. Kevin’s response contained a measure of faith and though both of our companies were offering web application design services, he decided not to be selfish and guarded. I admire that in a person.

So, while this is one small step for us, it’s one giant leap for our new and existing customers. We are refining our processes and improving the very core of how we conduct business. It’s not the revenue that’s so important, but the relationships and reputations we build along the way. By helping each other and especially our clients, we will build momentum and create opportunities for our companies.

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