Henry Ford HealthCore Launches

We’re proud to announce the official launch of our largest project to date – Henry Ford HealthCore’s eCommerce site. The site is built to using web standards, is handicapped accessible, and is easy to use. It is one of the first eCommerce sites to accept both credit cards and commercial insurance or Medicare as payment for products. HealthCore is a division of Henry Ford Health System, one of the biggest hospital systems in Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

Useful Features

Reorder Reminders – The site emails customers when it is time to get more of their disposable products such as diabetes test strips. This helps improve both repeat sales and customer health.

Accepting Insurance and Medicare – HealthCore is one of the first companies to allow customers to bill the commercial insurance (HAP, Blue Cross, etc.) or Medicare for their products. We’ve done our best to walk people through entering their information off of hard to read insurance cards and streamlined the reorder process so they don’t have to enter their information more than once.

The Future

This site allows customers with or without insurance or those using the new health savings accounts (HSAs) to purchase products online and have them delivered to their door. The flexibility in purchasing and the ability to find products and compare prices online is new in the home medical products industry and will help to bring down prices and improve service for customers who are trying to deal with the rising cost of healthcare. Adding an eCommerce system will help reduce HealthCore’s cost of doing business over time, keeping the company healthy and prosperous moving forward.

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