Charles Tackett for Congress in '06

We’ve just launched a site for Charles Tackett, the Constitution party candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 11th district. His site is powered by WordPress, the same open source software that runs this blog. Charles is a passionate guy who is fed up with the current crop of folks in power today.

You can learn more about Charles and his Platform at

We’re rather happy with the design of this site, we’ve used the Lightbox JavaScript to make browsing in the Photos section more pleasant and there is a judicious use of Ajax for the Search and browsing through the site. It was fun designing a political site, getting to play with the stars and stripes theme that is called for in a political website.

One of the great things about this site is that it encourages discussion about his views. Our hope is that the format helps Charles to clearly communicate his views to voters. Each plank in Charles’ platform is a blog post that allows citizens to comment on what he says. This encourages the sort of open thought and discussion that is vital in a healthy democracy. We’re proud to be the ones that make that sort of discussion possible by building the site. You may not agree with everything Charles says or believes in but unlike most politicians he’ll hear you out and talk to you openly about what he believes and why he believes it. The candor is refreshing and we hope you’ll visit the site and join in the conversation.

Kevin Hall
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