One Small Step For Man….

(via Yahoo News) Is really hard to see if you are blind. “Links list dialogue.” “Links list view.” “Your Account — Two of 164.” This is what the Internet sounds like to Chris Danielsen. Danielsen is blind. He’s using a software program called Jaws that converts the text on a Web page into a computerized voice that comes out through a speaker, allowing him to surf the Web using keyboard commands instead of a mouse — the same way lots of blind people use the Internet. But I’m more interested in the lawsuit facing Target. Apparently the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) is suing Target due to their websites poor accessibility. The idea of accessibility on the web is […]

Michael J. Fox, Rush Limbaugh, and Stem Cells

(via Donklephant) The Washington Post reported on Rush Limbaugh’s outrageous attack on Michael J. Fox for political ads backing candidates who support stem cell research. Mr. Fox suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, one of many terrible ailments that stem cell research may help cure. Mr. Limbaugh accused him of faking his symptoms and not taking his medication to increase the impact of the ads. This is an appalling lack of sensitivity for a person dealing with a serious illness. I’ve listened to Mr. Limbaugh’s show since I was a child, though I generally disagree with his views on social policy I find it interesting to hear the conservative side of political issues. I’m curious if he would similarly attack Nancy Reagan […]

Using and Abusing Copyright Law

(via shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress) The North Country Gazette has a notice (highlighted above in the image) that invokes “Fair Use of Copyright” to forbid the reproduction of their publication. They’ve been called to task by David Giacalone of shlep for trying to void the Fair Use rights that all of us have. Copyright holders have exactly zero authority to void these rights and any claims to the contrary should rightly be smacked down with impunity.

Don’t Download This Song

(via Forever Geek) Weird Al Yankovic, who was by the by one of my favorite artists in middle school (I owned all his albums on cassette), has released a wonderful educational song that I think even the Boy Scouts of America would love. The song is really quite catchy, and it’s a free download from his website along with the James Blunt parody You’re Pitiful (MP3 Download).

Tis the Season

Pass a law that says if 75% of eligible voters don’t go to the polls, the election is invalid and will have to be held again in one month. This will mean another 30 days of condescending, mind-eroding, profoundly annoying campaign ads. (from The Outfit) Ah, the joy of the political season, when we listen to politicians spout nonsense and vitriol and get to choose between candidates that are jerks, morons, crooks, or worse. I’ve been enjoying the political ads here in Michigan where we have spirited Gubernatorial and Senate races. We have such inspiring candidates as our incumbent Governor Granholm, Dick DeVos (“intelligent design”, seriously?), Debbie Stabenow (obsessed with Canadian trash), and Mike Bouchard.

Good Design isn't Cheap

I came across a great blog post about the cost of web design written by Chris Pearson. How much should design cost? The article discusses the cost of designing or redesigning a blog. It seems that the cost is usually between $1500-$3000 to get a good design. The consensus seems to be that most individuals find $1500 or more to be much too expensive. While most corporations would gladly pay $1500-$3000 for a great design. If you are considering investing your time and money into a website please take the time to read this blog post.

New Site: International Global Products

We’re happy to announce another site launch, this time for International Global Products. Right now the site is a simple 3 page web site with the company’s contact info and an introduction to some of their products. A few of the sites we’ve launched recently are our clients’ first forays onto the web. They are taking those first baby steps of setting up a basic website and learning to use it as a tool to help them do business. We wrote about this a while back, this is the Publish phase of getting a company online.