The Colbert Report

I recently contacted The Colbert Report to inquire about availability for a client of ours to be interviewed. This client is running for congress and would have fit perfectly into The Colbert Report “Better Know a District” segment. I had been thinking about contacting their talent producer for days before i actually tried to. I waited to try because i felt it would be really hard to get through to the proper person. When in fact it took me less than 30 minutes to find the right person and send them an e-mail. My procrastination probably cost my client from getting onto the show, because the same day i contacted them they aired the segment “Better Know a Challenger.” This is exactly the idea i had for my client, since he is the challenger in this race.

The moral of this story is just because you think a project or task may be hard to accomplish, you never know until you try. In my case it turned out to be really easy, but i waited too long to pick up the phone and make a few calls.

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