Firefox 2.0 RC2 Portable

I downloaded Firefox 2.0 RC2 Portable and I’m really pleased with the experience. It’s everything I liked about Firefox 1.5 with some subtle improvements. The upgrade only took about 5 minutes and went smoothly.

A few things helped out with making things go smoothly including:

  • Using the Portable version so it didn’t overwrite my existing Firefox installation. This means I can always go home again if RC2 turns out to be messed up.
  • Using Google Browser Sync let me move my bookmarks with basically zero effort, and even let me pick up browsing with the tabs I had open in Firefox 1.5.
  • The Web Developer Toolbar by Chris Pederick is available and working for Version 2.0. I use this extension daily for work so it is required before I’m willing to upgrade my installation. Chris updated it and it’s working great.

Firefox 2 seems to be much faster and more responsive than version 1.5. Also the built in spell checker is freaking great. Yeah they had extensions for the tabs and spell checking and everything else but having it built in the browser seems to be running faster with all the basic functionality I want.

I haven’t found any bugs yet and my only complaint is that the default icons (home, bookmarks, refresh, etc.) are less attractive than in the previous version. But this is easily fixed with a theme or by putting in my own icons so I can’t complain that much. Overall, I’m glad for the update. It’s nothing earth shattering, just a nice update to an already good piece of software.

Kevin Hall
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