New Site: International Global Products

We’re happy to announce another site launch, this time for International Global Products. Right now the site is a simple 3 page web site with the company’s contact info and an introduction to some of their products. A few of the sites we’ve launched recently are our clients’ first forays onto the web. They are taking those first baby steps of setting up a basic website and learning to use it as a tool to help them do business. We wrote about this a while back, this is the Publish phase of getting a company online.

International Global Products will be gradually expanding the site to include more information about the company and their products and evenrtually will be moving into the realm of eCommerce. We look forward to working with them to guide them through this process as they expand on a successful import / export business model to include doing business online.

This measured, incremental approach to building a web presence is good for businesses that want to gradually increase their investment and use of their website. It helps to balance budgets and ensure that the web site is used successfully as a tool for doing business at each step in the growth process. Many business that have not even had a basic website before may want to consider this approach rather than diving in head first with a major investment as they learn more about the web and how to use their site as a part of their business.

Kevin Hall
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