Tis the Season

Pass a law that says if 75% of eligible voters don’t go to the polls, the election is invalid and will have to be held again in one month. This will mean another 30 days of condescending, mind-eroding, profoundly annoying campaign ads.

(from The Outfit)

Ah, the joy of the political season, when we listen to politicians spout nonsense and vitriol and get to choose between candidates that are jerks, morons, crooks, or worse. I’ve been enjoying the political ads here in Michigan where we have spirited Gubernatorial and Senate races. We have such inspiring candidates as our incumbent Governor Granholm, Dick DeVos (“intelligent design”, seriously?), Debbie Stabenow (obsessed with Canadian trash), and Mike Bouchard.

The attack ads and nonsense being discussed in place of real reasoned debate is appalling. I’d love to see the Gubernatorial candidates debating the merits of stem cell research as it pertains to research jobs in the pharmaceutical industry in Michigan, the need for higher educational standards that push students when their parents don’t, or the need to really protect Michigan’s water as one of our greatest natural resources. I’d like to see ads of a candidate speaking frankly about their views on tough topics instead of attacking their opponent on distracting non-issues. And I’d like to see more of the citizens of Michigan care enough to go vote. I think a law voiding elections with less than 75% turnout would be great. If Iraq can get a 58% turnout while worrying about polling places being blown up then I think 75% turnout should be fair in the world’s greatest democracy.

Brad and I tried to do our part to promote political discourse with the launch of Charles Tackett’s website where he can tell voters about his views and ideas. The discussion of ideas during a campaign is almost as important as the results of the election. The raised awareness of important issues can make more of an impact than which distinguished candidate ends up being bought by lobbyists while in office. Our goal with that site was to let a candidate clearly express his views so that voters can make an informed choice. You’ll notice that the focus of the site is on letting Mr. Tackett easily communicate his beliefs and on letting voters read what he has to say. If you’re in the 11th Congressional District I hope you’ll read up and decide for yourself if he would represent you better than the other candidates.

I lean Libertarian in my views, tending to want more rights and freedoms and less government in my life. Sadly the Libertarian candidates are marginal at best and often a little off the beaten path. Overall, I’d just like to see more intelligent discussion of important issues and less name calling, nonsense, and distractions from unimportant issues. I think I’m destined to be disappointed.

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