Go Michigan

This one is just from me, Brad will have to post on his Spartans when March Madness comes around, but this is a truly historic couple of days for the University of Michigan. Today the Michigan family lost a legend in Bo Schembechler. Bo was a giant who helped shape the proud Michigan football tradition. Tomorrow our football team faces Ohio State in one of the biggest games ever. Bitter rivals, the top two teams in the country, and the winner gets a shot at the National Championship. Today was a sad day to be a Michigan fan, tomorrow will be a great one as we cheer our team to victory in Columbus. Go Blue!

Being Interesting

Russel Davies writes about how to be interesting (unrelated to the recent brouhaha surrounding the Flickr interestingness patent). This seems to be related to the phenomenon of homophily (the tendency to associate with people like yourself). By stepping outside of your comfort zone to learn and try new things you are breaking from the personal inertia that binds so many of us to our boring daily routines.

American History 101

You’re a large organization with divisions and departments and teams. You have vice presidents and managers and team leaders. You have a web team that manages your massive public web site. They have designers and developers and a manager. So, I ask you, who should decide what content goes on the website? Do you let anyone send content to the web team for posting. Does the vice president from Marketing call the shots? How about the manager from customer relations? Or the team leader from product development? Perhaps the manager of the web team? What is the right answer? Who should be the gatekeeper for the website? Should you even have one? The answer is not so simple. If you […]

New Site: CIPA

We’re pleased to announce another new site launch. This time we’re helping CIPA, The Consortium of Independent Physician Associations, to get going in their efforts to save patients money through the prescription of effective generic drugs. CIPA is working to reduce the high cost of medical care by working with doctors to track the dispensing of generic drugs as a low cost alternative to brand name drugs. Generics are chemically identical or similar enough not to make a difference but often come at a fraction of the cost of name brand drugs. We’re working with the Medical Advantage Group in East Lansing to build the site that gets the information out to the administrators and doctors who write the prescriptions. […]


(via O’Reilly’s Radar) Homophily refers to the tendency to associate with people who are like you. This is as common in chat rooms as it is in elementary school lunch rooms. There is a natural tendency to seek out and associate with other people that are like us in some way. It makes us feel like we “belong”, like we are not alone. Sometimes this is harmless and even beneficial, as when quilters find each other and form a club. They get satisfaction and enjoyment out of their shared interest. Sometimes it is very bad, as when young men and women with radical inclinations find each other and push one another toward terrorism, strengthening one another’s resolve to kill. Generally […]

New Site: U.S. Taxpayers and Constitution Party of Michigan

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just launched a new website for the U.S. Taxpayers and Constitution Party of Michigan. Dr. Bhagwan (Bob) Dashairya led the charge in getting the new site up quickly in time for the election on Tuesday. Brad and I are glad that we could be a part of the democratic process by helping candidates for office in Michigan get their message out so voters can make an informed choice. You may recall that we launched a site for Charles Tackett’s run for Congress recently as well. The Web can be a great tool for democracy. A good website can be used by candidates to clearly communicate their views in a more sophisticated manner than 15 […]