New Site: U.S. Taxpayers and Constitution Party of Michigan

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just launched a new website for the U.S. Taxpayers and Constitution Party of Michigan. Dr. Bhagwan (Bob) Dashairya led the charge in getting the new site up quickly in time for the election on Tuesday. Brad and I are glad that we could be a part of the democratic process by helping candidates for office in Michigan get their message out so voters can make an informed choice.

You may recall that we launched a site for Charles Tackett’s run for Congress recently as well. The Web can be a great tool for democracy. A good website can be used by candidates to clearly communicate their views in a more sophisticated manner than 15 or 30 second TV and radio commercials can. With these sites we’re doing our part to contribute to a constructive political dialog instead of the typical name calling and mudslinging you find so often before an election.

We encourage you to visit the sites, read what they have to say, and whether you agree or disagree with their views leave some comments and help start a discussion on the important issues facing Michigan.

Kevin Hall
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