New Site: CIPA

We’re pleased to announce another new site launch. This time we’re helping CIPA, The Consortium of Independent Physician Associations, to get going in their efforts to save patients money through the prescription of effective generic drugs. CIPA is working to reduce the high cost of medical care by working with doctors to track the dispensing of generic drugs as a low cost alternative to brand name drugs. Generics are chemically identical or similar enough not to make a difference but often come at a fraction of the cost of name brand drugs.

We’re working with the Medical Advantage Group in East Lansing to build the site that gets the information out to the administrators and doctors who write the prescriptions. The website will be making a real difference for patients of those doctors who will be seeing better care and lower medical bills. This will be an ongoing project with a goal of progressive improvement. We’re happy that our ability to deliver lots of information online quickly and effectively will be helping people to save money and stay healthy. Much like our work with HealthCore it’s a really good feeling when you can step back and see that your work is making lives better.

Kevin Hall
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