The Day the Music Was Reborn

I know the Day the Music Died was marked by a plane crash, but today was a day that music was reborn for me. I’ve been a bit down on new music of late, with nothing really resonating with me. Perhaps it just means I’m getting old and set in my ways. Regardless, I’m really excited to discover that the spirit of the Push Kings lives on. Everybody Else appears to be carrying on with Carrick Moore Gerety at the helm turning out pop hits that make me want to roll down the windows on this first really nice day of the year and sing along while I drive (yeah, I know I never leave the house but that’s for another day). I’m really excited for when their full album hits the stores next month. It’s actually the first album I’ve looked forward to in a couple of years.

Carrick’s brother Finn is leading Finian McKean, which appears to be rather less fun, free spirited rock than Everybody Else. Ah, well one for two isn’t bad and I’m really glad to hear that the ridiculously catchy spirit of the Push Kings lives on. If you have the chance pick up everything the Push Kings ever did and keep an eye out for Everybody Else’s new album.

Kevin Hall
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