Lawrence Lessig on Obama

Disclaimer: This post reflects my personal opinions of the day (Brad may disagree) and they are subject to change as more information becomes available. We do what we can with what we have. I hope that you’ll agree that honest people can differ on who to support and why and still respect each other in the morning.

Lawrence Lessig has created a 20 minute video about his support for Barack Obama. I’m impressed with Lessig in general – he has spent years working to improve the state of intellectual property rights and recently has decided to tackle transparency and corruption in government. I respect and listen critically to anything he takes the time to say.

He discusses the differences between Obama and Clinton and why Obama is a great leader, who can inspire real change in the way this country is run and why Clinton is more Rovean than Jeffersonian.

I find that more and more I am supporting Obama, not because I agree with all his policies, but because I see an intellectual honesty and moral courage in him that most politicians lack. I know Washington is a cesspool of greed and corruption and one man can only do so much. But I see Obama as a transformative leader in the way he can change the tone and approach to governing. He pushes to shine a light on what the government is doing instead of finding ways, legal or not, to hide anything and everything that is being done. Unlike our current administration that deletes emails, fights with the National Archive, hides old documents by Executive Order, and classifies anything and everything it can I see Obama fighting to open up the workings of the government to the people. I see him pushing for little things like setting the footage of the debates free. I see him pushing for a positive change toward accountability and transparency from the people that govern by our consent, the people that work for us.

Maybe I’m being suckered and he’s like everyone else. But hell, at least there is a hope he is better. That instead of asking which candidate I despise the least I can finally vote for one I admire and support. Living in Michigan, I didn’t get a real Democratic primary to vote in, but I hoe that come November I will get a chance to vote for Obama and see where he can take out country.

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