Apple Customer Service

I purchased a Griffin Elan Form Case from Best Buy to protect my iPhone. As i was putting the case on and sliding the stiff polycarbonate screen protector in place and i realized that there was a large scratch running down the center of my iPhone. So i pulled the case and screen protector off and examined the iPhone. It was officially ruined. The screen protector had managed to put a deep scratch along the majority of my screen making it painfully annoying to try to use.

I went back to Best Buy and showed the sales associate the scratch. All he could do was look in amazement that this could possibly happen to an iPhone screen. I explained to him what happened and he basically told me to go talk to the folks at Apple.

I went to the local Apple store at Partridge Creek after making an appointment online. The tech at the Apple store took one look at my iPhone and asked what i did. I explained what happened and I asked what he could do if anything. He explained that there isn’t any way to fix a scratch like i had but they could swap out the iPhone. At first i thought i heard him incorrectly, and i actually asked him to repeat what he said. I have had my iPhone since July 11th, 2008 and even though i had the Apple Care warranty i was pretty sure that screen scratches aren’t covered. The tech asked if i had all my data backed up and i told him i had. He disappeared for a minute and sure enough he came out with a new iPhone and he promptly switched my information over to the new device.

I am eternally grateful to the team at the Partridge Creek store for taking care of my issue even though it was caused by a third party product and not covered under Apple’s warranty. I will not soon forget the service they provided and the next time i need to get anything computer related, the Apple Store at Partridge Creek will be my first stop.

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