Ruins Monday

I am a Lions fan. So I suffer a lot of grief. They hadn’t won since 2007, but I keep watching and rooting for them. Yesterday their game was blacked out because fans had mostly given up on them, however the NFL said they would put the game online today for people to watch. So I avoided the news and looked forward to still seeing the game. Then I visted to try to watch the video.

Suspecting they would show the score I Googled for the video section of the site Game Rewind and found a pay registration page for watching games, but no mention of being able to watch the Lions game for free.

So I went to and tried to avoid seeing the score while finding the video link in the navigation… and my day was ruined. They showed the final score in 3 places before your eyes reach the advertisement to watch the game at the bottom left (I dimmed the rest of the page to highlight this below). What the hell? Why not hide the info for the game that people haven’t seen yet? Perhaps they could use some form of a Spoiler Alert? Or better yet, create a page like Kottke did for the moon landing anniversary that you can load before hand so you don’t have to go through a site full of reporting on the game youwant to watch and enjoy. What fun is watching a game when you know the outcome? NONE!!! sucked it up badly. And, since there likely will be more blackouts the rest of the season, and very few wins, I may have to wait another year to see a Lions victory. Thanks NFL jerks.


Kevin Hall
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