Dell 968w Mac Setup Process

So i recently switched over to using a MacBook Pro and have had all kinds of issues with getting software and hardware configured properly. Nothing has been worse that trying to get my Dell 968w printer to work with my new Mac. After a few hours and a lot of forums here is what i found.

Setup Process:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Print & Fax
  2. Click on the little plus sign (+) to add a new printer
  3. In my case I had already setup the printer using a windows pc and had configured the wireless settings, if you haven’t you need to do that first.
  4. Go to the IP tab
  5. Select “HP Jetdirect – Socket” as the Protocol
  6. For the address you need to go to the Dell printer and print your network settings page.
  7. UPDATE – You need to make sure you are only trying to print wirelessly to the printer. If you have an Ethernet cord or usb cable connected to the printer you will not be able to connect wirelessly to print.
  8. Under TCP/IP on the network settings page you printed you will find “address”
  9. This IP address is what you put into the address field on the IP tab
  10. Leave queue blank
  11. Type in a name, I used “Dell 968w”
  12. Type in a location if you want, I used “Work”
  13. For print using you need to go to “select printer software”
  14. Then in the pop up prompt search for “Lexmark 9500”
  15. There will be 4 results
  16. The first two results and the last two results look identical but they are NOT.
  17. You must pick the SECOND “Lexmark 9500 Series” in the list.
  18. I repeat, you must pick the SECOND “Lexmark 9500 Series” in the list.
  19. When it shows you the options available with the printer it should give you the option to check “Tray 2” and also there should be a select box next to “Two-Sided Printing Dry Time”
  20. If you don’t see the option for “Two-Sided Printing Dry Time” you have FAILED and picked the first “Lexmark 9500 Series” in the list
  21. You can check off “Tray 2” or leave it uncheck.
  22. I choose to check the box and left “Two-Sided Printing Dry Time” on “Use Printer Settings”
  23. Click OK
  24. Done

All i do is win.


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16 thoughts on “Dell 968w Mac Setup Process

  1. That worked!!! I really appreciate it. But just to let you know for your number 14 direction, I had much more than 4 results, and only one option that read “Lexmark 9500 Series.” Chose that and it worked.

  2. Andrew,

    I’m glad that worked for you. It took me forever to figure out, so it’s good you got some value from the time spent.

    It’s not an exact science with the search results based on the computer you have and the printer drivers available on it, but i’m happy you found the right one.


  3. I tried this so many times my eyes are crossed. But I am only getting one Lexmark 9500 series and on Lexmark 9500 fax. no multiple choices. Any other ideas? This is for a Macbook Pro running OS X.

  4. John,

    You may need to install the drivers for your version of OS X. I am currently running OS X 10.6.7. If you are running an earlier version you may need to install the drivers to make them available for this process to work.

    The link for the 10.6 driver is: HERE.

    If you are using OS X 10.3 – 10.5 use this link: HERE.

    Let me know if that helps.



  5. I tried this and it worked really well. Many thanks. Do you have any idea how to configure the scan settings so that I can send a scan from the printer to my MacBook Pro? Thanks, Ben

  6. Wow! That is really impressive. It worked like a charm. Can’t thank you enough for posting this solution.

    You have saved me a ton of frustration. Thanks so much.

  7. Same issue. I use the exact drivers from the link above, using OS 10.6.8. I only have one set of drivers (reg. and Fax).

  8. After several reinstalls of the drivers, and using BOTH the first and second selection, I get the same error. I do NOT see the aforementioned “Two Sided Printing Dry Time”, but I suspect that is because I do not have a duplexer installed on my 968. Instead, I get a quick error message after printing that says:

    \usr\libexec\cups\backend\socket failed.

    From Windows, it works like a charm. I’m going to try it on Lion tomorrow with the new 9500 drivers, but Snow Leopard seems hopeless.

  9. Update: This problem was solved when I ran software update and both the print drivers and the Lexmark package were updated. Now I am able to print. I can also confirm that this works on OS X Lion using the 10.7 install package from Lexmark, with much less headache.

  10. Dave,

    Thanks for the update on that. It sounds like with the latest software this process should still work for most people.

    I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.


  11. Hello,
    As I had the same problems, your help was very useful.
    I succeeded in installing my 968 Dell printer but did you have an answer on how to configure the scan settings so that I can send a scan from the printer to my MacBook Pro?
    Thanks in advance for your reply,

  12. Monique,

    I have yet to successfully scan to my MacBook Pro. I don’t think it’s possible. If anybody out there has any suggestions on how it might work I’d be happy to test them.


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