A Good Shave

Braun 790 I thought I’d try something new here. I’ve found the it’s very helpful when reading other blogs when people mention products and other things that they personally use and enjoy. So I thought I’d share some of those things here as they come up.

Today I’d like to mention the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver (affiliate link). I just bought this after 2 of the 3 cutting heads on my 10 year old Norelco stopped working. And this thing is amazing. Apparently the slow, awful decline of my old razor had reached a point where I regarded razor burn and ripping rather than cutting hairs as normal. Apparently you can actually get a nice, smooth, pain free shave with a good razor. Who knew?

This thing is fantastic. It shaves quickly and my neck feels great after I do it. I used to put off shaving until it looked really bad, now I’m happily shaving daily so I look less like a scruffy hobo, which makes me feel better and everyone who has to look at me happy as well. The price has come down a lot on these and it’s actually a slight upgrade over the recommended Braun 760 on the Sweethome (which I always turn to for reviews and recommendations).

The cleaning station requires changing out a not exactly cheap cleaning solution, but in return you get a fresh, clean razor every time you shave. Pro Tip: the first time I used it and then ate breakfast I thought my food had gone bad, when in fact I had some cleaning solution on my lip. If you start shaving on your neck then by the time you get to your mouth the stuff will have rubbed off and you won’t have that problem.

So, if you need an electric razor I can heartily endorse the Braun 790.

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