Docs Onsite Updates

We’ve added a few new features to Docs Onsite. Docs Onsite is the document and project management system that we’ve developed. We’ve been really pleased to see how it has worked for other client based companies who need to manage large quantities of documents with clear, simple, auditable access controls and logging. It is also how we manage our internal tasks, calendars, files, time tracking (which exports to QuickBooks for billing), support tickets, and bug tracking.

The latest features are small looking updates, but are both very useful. We’ve added tagging to the Tasks, with color coding. This has really helped make it easy to quickly filter the task list to a related group of tasks.

We’ve also integrated a file upload feature into the task list (that little paperclip icon) to make it easier to upload and attach documents related to a task. This is another one of those features that just makes things a little quicker and easier to use.

We have additional features that we’re working on that are a little larger, but mostly invisible, such as adding Exchange support that will link to the Calendar, Email Triage, and Tasks. You can see from the screenshot above that we use Docs Onsite to manage the development of Docs Onsite.



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