Commercialize What You Build

Over the years we have built quite a few software platforms that helped meet the operational needs of diverse businesses. However, doing so can be expensive and takes time to do right. One way to get more out of your investment in your software is to commercialize it. Take the platform that we build for your business and sell it to others in your industry. By doing so you can defray the cost of development and create a new revenue stream for your business. You will also gain new insights into your industry and, by talking with your new software customers, you can gain insights into how to better run your own business.

We have done this in education with EZPaperTrail, Next Campus, and Clarity. We have done this in healthcare with the Dromos software for specialty pharmacy. We have done this in project management with DocsOnsite. We are working with crematories to build and commercialize software for their operations. We can do this for you too.

Why might you need custom software?

Most industries have unique processes, regulatory requirements, security needs, and other requirements that can be hard to meet as you grow and change. Often companies grow without taking the time to review, document, and revise their processes and look at how they act at a macro or micro level. You may find over time that you are wasting lot of time on tracking information in ad hoc spreadsheets, piles of paper, and in other ways that subtly or very painfully slow down your operations. Building custom software for your business lets us solve those problems you have now and tackle new ones with you as they come up in the future in an organized, systematic way.

The process of building custom software is an opportunity to look at your operations with a critical eye and improve and streamline them. We have found that each time a customer works with us to explain their processes they find ways to reduce costs, improve quality, and otherwise change for the better. Sometimes doing so can also create new business opportunities, such as selling data the new software generates and tracks that may be valuable to other companies you work with, e.g. customer complaints about or issues with a product.

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