Infinite Insights – Jump Start Your Web Site or App Redesign

We know that getting started with a redesign can be a challenge. Starting work with a new company like ours can also be intimidating or confusing and feel like a big leap to take. To tackle both of those challenges we’re not offering Infinite Insights. 3 simple, flat-rate packages to help you get the insights you want into how to improve your web site, web application, or app.

Get 10 Quick Insights in a week, 25 Insights in 3 weeks, or 40 In-Depth Insights in 1 month.

We’ll deliver a document with detailed observations and ideas that identify where you can improve your existing site or app, specific recommendations for how to do it, and ideas for the future to help guide your redesign and future development. If you like we’ll also come present and discuss the Insights for an additional fee at your location or ours.

Why would you want this?
  • You need a fresh, outside perspective to break out of a rut
  • You need guidance on how to improve conversion rates and guide users to the goals you have (online sales, contact forms, etc.)
  • You are considering a redesign and aren’t sure where to start

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Email us or call Kevin at 248-842-6702 or Brad at 248-906-8426 to get started.

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