Infinite Review

Infinite Review is a fast, easy way to get detailed analysis and guidance on how to improve your site or app.

30 Ideas

30 recommendations to make your site or app better.

1 Month

We will complete our analysis and deliver results in 1 month.


The Infinite User Experience Review is quick, affordable, effective, and a great value.

What we do
  1. We gather information about your site or app.
  2. We perform a detailed analysis and create recommendations with written explanations, screen shots, and clear steps forward
  3. We include both big picture guidance and detailed fixes in your report
How to Get Started

To get started we need a little information from you. This helps us understand what you want to get out of the process and what we’ll be looking at.

  1. Why are you looking at a redesign?
  2. What are the primary and secondary goals of the site or app?\ you want redesigned?
  3. How do you measure the success of any changes with respect to your stated goals?
  4. What do you want people who use the site or app to do, think, or feel?
  5. What is working well right now?
  6. What is not working well right now?
  7. Who are the people who will use this site or app? Describe what they do, who they are, and what they need or want.
  8. Are there similar web pages or apps that you think do something similar well or that do it poorly and should be avoided?
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