Good Design isn't Cheap

I came across a great blog post about the cost of web design written by Chris Pearson. How much should design cost? The article discusses the cost of designing or redesigning a blog. It seems that the cost is usually between $1500-$3000 to get a good design. The consensus seems to be that most individuals find $1500 or more to be much too expensive. While most corporations would gladly pay $1500-$3000 for a great design. If you are considering investing your time and money into a website please take the time to read this blog post.

Good Design = Bad Business?

Does good design really equal bad business? If you spend twenty hours instead of ten hours on a project to get the design right is that bad business? When you spend thirty hours on a project instead of ten hours is that bad business? Where do you draw the line on cost versus quality? I don’t have the answer. It’s really something that is unique to each project and business funding the project. I would love to see any statistics available that compare design quality with sales. If you look at the quality of a car design and how it relates to sales I would bet there is a direct correlation. I wonder if the same is true for web […]

The Colbert Report

I recently contacted The Colbert Report to inquire about availability for a client of ours to be interviewed. This client is running for congress and would have fit perfectly into The Colbert Report “Better Know a District” segment. I had been thinking about contacting their talent producer for days before i actually tried to. I waited to try because i felt it would be really hard to get through to the proper person. When in fact it took me less than 30 minutes to find the right person and send them an e-mail. My procrastination probably cost my client from getting onto the show, because the same day i contacted them they aired the segment “Better Know a Challenger.” This […]

Online Credit Card Processing….HELP!

I truly enjoy going through my bookmarks everyday and cycling through the few blogs that stay interesting day after day. I know that we don’t post as often as we should, but we are working on it and we could use your help. I have been researching merchant accounts for online credit card processing. This seems like a fairly simple task with the overwhelming number of companies out there specializing in this. Unfortunately, the sheer number of companies out there with poorly designed websites makes this research process rather tedious. So, I am asking for your help; the semi-loyal or even first time reader of our little blog. I need to find the most affordable online credit card processing solution […]

On January 25th on you would have found a Pioneer 1000 watt 5.1 surround sound system. Sounds of the Pioneers Oh, give me a home theatre with 5.1 speakers… despite the name, you won’t find these Pioneers sitting around a campfire amid sagebrush and manure, unless you’ve got really eccentric taste in interior design. No, this 1000-watt surround-sound system is equally at home in urban, suburban, semi-urban, exurban, and rural settings – anywhere people crave lifelike theatre sound on a cramped budget, anywhere where home theatre owners have more enthusiasm than dollars. If you are one of the few people left who hasn’t heard of then here is a little background. is a basic website that sells […]

Maintaining Relationships

The old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” is very applicable to the business world. That is why maintaining a good relationship with your customers is key to getting repeat and referral business. Older clients can be a gold mine, you just have to find a simple way to keep your company in the back of their mind. Then when the client does need more work done they won’t open the phonebook to find someone else to do it, they will just pick up the phone and call you up. Here are some easy ways to keep those older clients thinking of you: monthly newsletters sent via E-mail set them up with an RSS feed to your blog every […]

Building Awareness For Your Brand

A web site alone is not going to build awareness for your brand. We run into this problem time and time again with clients. The key is finding the right way to drive traffic to your web site. These are a few simple ways to attract more people to your site: Offer an incentive Post your URL on all marketing materials Crosslink with related web sites Write articles for trade journals and web sites and include your URL in the article

Making a Positive First Impression

There are some simple steps that will give people a positive first impression when they visit your website: Make the web site visually appealing Make access to relevant information quick and easy Present product information clearly to help customers make informed decisions Make buying your product / service and contacting your company as simple as possible Visual Appeal By making your website visually appealing, it gives the visitor the feeling that they are visiting a reputable site. This is a key to successful E-commerce because people will not purchase goods or services from a site they don’t trust. When you spend the time and money to make a web site look trustworthy it yields results in increased sales. This will […]

Knowing Your Role in a Project

Most web design and development projects will feature many individuals trying to work together to create a web site. Some of the common roles of individuals involved on your project include: Business Stakeholder Content Creator Marketing Specialist Copywriter Web Designer Web Developer Graphic Designer Usability Specialist Information Architect One person may fill multiple roles on the project but there is often a team of people building the site working with a team of people who are experts in the site content and business. In order for the project to go smoothly everyone must contribute their expertise and support each other.