Services Are Hard

It can be tough running software as a service. Apple Maps has had widespread downtime reported today leading to lots of people poking fun at them and their status as second to Google Maps (dozens of people were affected jokes). The other day I was driving with Maps running when the GPS lost where I was and the arrow marker started drifting off-road randomly around town. I snapped a photo at apparently the perfect moment as the marker drifted by Lost Ln. Not sure if that was a precursor to this outage, but the photo and timing seem appropriate. As funny as that is somewhere there was a team of developers and server admins freaking out that things were going […]

It’s not “just business”

I’ve found that some people go through life trying to act like the things they spend a third or more of their day doing is not a personal endeavor. As though you can treat people badly or disregard the impact of your actions on others so long as it benefits you because it is “just business”. I find this disingenuous at best and sociopathic at worst. The truth is while the law may think that businesses are pseudo people that can behave independently of human beings you are really just dealing with individuals, sometimes one, sometimes many, but just people like you and me. Business interactions have an impact on real people and we should reflect on that every time […] Ruins Monday

I am a Lions fan. So I suffer a lot of grief. They hadn’t won since 2007, but I keep watching and rooting for them. Yesterday their game was blacked out because fans had mostly given up on them, however the NFL said they would put the game online today for people to watch. So I avoided the news and looked forward to still seeing the game. Then I visted to try to watch the video. Suspecting they would show the score I Googled for the video section of the site Game Rewind and found a pay registration page for watching games, but no mention of being able to watch the Lions game for free. So I went to […]

Knowing History

[via Mike Davidson] This clip is great in that it shows the difference between a blowhard and a pundit. You don’t have to agree with Chris Matthews to see that Kevin James has no idea what he is talking about. He’s spouting off about appeasement and Neville Chamberlain with no idea what Chamberlain did, right or wrong, before World War II. James makes Mark Green look like a genius by virtue of his ignorance and refusal to shut up when called out on his ignorance. As a society I think we can do better in our political discourse than this kind of shouting over each other to cover up ignorance. If you don’t know about something, just stop and ask […]

Preaching Outside the Choir

Preaching to the choir is easy, they are already on your side and ready to sing your praises. Preaching to people who disagree with you is much harder. Sometimes you need to take a different approach than the one that convinced you. You need to look at how the person you are talking to approaches decisions and the framework they have for passing judgment on the world around them (that judge not stuff is overblown and frequently misinterpreted, a person sans judgment is a helpless, mindless waste, unable to choose what to eat for breakfast). Each of us uses a framework of heuristics and a moral and ethical code to pass judgment on the ideas we encounter all day long. […]

Lessig for Congress

In my last post I linked to Lawrence Lessig talking about Obama. Now there is a special election in Lessig’s California Congressional district and he is considering running. He discusses this in the following video: I’d love to see him run and if you look at his body of work and think he could make a difference too please consider visiting and encouraging him to run. I may not agree with him on every issue, and you may not either, but he is a bright, ethical, and rational individual who will fight effectively to end corruption and secrecy in government and to apply science and reason to governance. He would be a refreshing change on Capitol Hill.

Lawrence Lessig on Obama

Disclaimer: This post reflects my personal opinions of the day (Brad may disagree) and they are subject to change as more information becomes available. We do what we can with what we have. I hope that you’ll agree that honest people can differ on who to support and why and still respect each other in the morning. Lawrence Lessig has created a 20 minute video about his support for Barack Obama. I’m impressed with Lessig in general – he has spent years working to improve the state of intellectual property rights and recently has decided to tackle transparency and corruption in government. I respect and listen critically to anything he takes the time to say.